Kindermusik with Miss LaLa and friends @ Burnside Community Centre!

Hello and welcome to Kindermusik with Miss LaLa & friends. If you are looking for a wonderful place to spend some time with your little one, this it! Kindermusik, a world leader in music education for 40 years,is so beneficial for babies toddlers and pre school children! It set's them up with so many skills, socially, emotionally and musically. Trial a class, it's just $10 per family, I have classes for babies, toddlers and pre schoolers starting Feb 4th 2019!


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Start Date Day/Time Class Ages Licensed Educator Status  
04 Feb 2019 Mon/11:30AM Foundations 0-1 Miss LaLa Enroling More Info >>
04 Feb 2019 Mon/10:30AM Level 1 1-2 Miss LaLa Enroling More Info >>
04 Feb 2019 Mon/9:30AM Mixed-Ages 0.5-4 Miss LaLa Enroling More Info >>

Our Policy

Welcome to Kindermusik with LaLa & friends! Please read the below information before emailing me for enrollment!

-Parents participate in each and every Kindermusik class, the more you put in, the more your child learns!

-We have a Gathering Time in the 10 minutes prior to the start of class, please remove your shoes, get comfortable and play with the instruments provided.

-Included in your enrollment is the Kindermusik Online component: 2 units per term! Again the more you put in, the more your child learns.

This includes an mp3 album, e-storybook, and click-thru activities that your child can do on a mobile device, tablet or desktop computer and craft ideas.

-Referral prizes are available ,so tell your friends and bring them along.

-PLEASE ,please remove your child if they are having a wobbly moment and re enter class when they have calmed down.

-PLEASE , try to be on time and interact with your child.

-PLEASE do not chat to the other adults, AGAIN, the more you put in, the more your child learns, you can have a coffee after class.

-PLEASE no food or toys in the classroom, they are a big distraction.

Thank you, see you in class soon.

Miss LaLa